April 16, 2020

COVID-19: What Does it Mean for the Global Airline Industry?

Given the ramifications of COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus, it should come as no surprise that many industries have had negative ramifications, including the global airline industry.

The strict guidelines in place mean that movement is limited meaning that those planning to go on holiday are instead relaxing from the comfort of their own home. While many are taken it in their strides, it’s fair to say that there have been many disappointed travellers.

How Serious is the Impact of COVID-19

However, it’s the travel industry that has suffered the most from a financial standpoint. Not only are airlines unable to offer flights, but many hotels are also only being used in instances of containment, meaning that money is being lost as a result.

How Serious is the Impact of COVID-19?

Anyone that runs a business will have likely experienced some form of change due to the Coronavirus, but it’s believed that only 30 out of 700 airlines will survive the period unless there is an intervention.

As well as 50% of the current aircraft being kept in storage, some airlines have resorted to mothballing their aircraft to ensure that a contingency plan is put in place to recover financially.

As this has the potential to cause thousands of jobs losses, it’s easy to assume that the Government will step in to intervene, but much of the concern surrounding the industry is not knowing what is happening next concerning COVID-19.

Limiting the movement of the general public has shown to be positive, but as there are still is a lot of uncertainty, there’s no real way of knowing how serious the impact will be on any industry. Given the figures associated with air travel, it’s easy to assume the worst.

One thing that has been evident in the light of COVID-19 is that more needs to be known about the virus before a contingency plan is put in place.

Will COVID-19 Impact the Travel Industry for Good?

Those that travel a lot will probably suffer more from limited travel than those who like to stay at home. However, after being self-isolated for so long, it’s safe to assume that when people can move freely, there will be a lot of holidays booked.

Those that have seen a drop income due to COVID-19 may choose to travel closer to home, to begin with, especially after the worrying statistic revealed concerning fatalities. However, if the Government and others around the world can show that they are confident that COVID-19 can be dealt with effectively, then this will create more confidence within the travel industry.

Covid-19 and the Airline Industry

As such, more people will be inspired to travel abroad. How affordable this is can depend on the strategies that need to be taken by airlines. Should there be Government assistance aligned with positive development concerning the virus, then some could find there is some competition when it comes to affordable prices.

Government Involvement Could Mean Fewer Flights Are Made Available

Another factor that the Government may need to consider is the emission produced by the airline industry. As such, there could be conditions included that look to reduce air travel, so those looking to travel regularly may need to use other methods. 

If there is no Government intervention then passengers could see ticket prices lowered dramatically to stir interest in flying, but this could be short-lived.
There’s no denying that there will be a change in the way we travel by air, and what happens next with air travel depends on what steps are taken during the interim.

The Future of Airline Travel Is Unknown: Unknown Doesn’t Mean the End

The future ultimately lies with those that like to travel. It’s easy to assume the worst, especially in the current climate, but those with a natural for excitement and adventure will always want to find ways of travel.

Even in instances where conventional travel has been expensive, travellers have proved to be resilient in putting together their holiday packages while saving a small fortune in the process.

It’s worth remembering that there have been other tragic occurrences that have affected the way we travel and while difficult at the time, steps were taken to create active travel easy and affordable.

The airline industry is like any other business and will offer flights where there is demand. Despite the negativity of news surrounding COVID-19, many people have been very understanding of why travel has been halted and are more than happy to rearrange their plans for a future date.

As such, the need for travel will always exist. The problem is that without knowing what steps will be taken in the future, it’s difficult to determine when travelling by air is a viable option, and what options will be available.

Fortunately, the Internet allows those looking to travel up to date progress about COVID-19 and the current recommendations in place, so while it’s difficult to plan for the future at the moment, this doesn’t mean that this will always be the case.

The future of airline travel will continue to exist and to many people, not much may seem different. However, testing times can often lead to progress that wasn’t possible before, so while it’s hard to look at silver linings during such confusing times, there can be positive side effects which could even enrich the way people travel moving forward.

Aviation analyst Paul Charles has stated that despite the seriousness of the virus, the desire to travel does not disappear. He says that people will want to travel again, and the industry will thrive once more.

Although this may not be positive news in the interim it does show that the future of travel is one that will be based on the desire to travel, meaning changes made will often be adopted without issue.

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