April 07, 2020


When submitting your content to Silverdrome, please ensure it follows the following guidelines to ensure quality and consistency. It will also meet the requirements for search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure your post gets indexed for maximum reach.

Your content or posts shouldn’t all just be 500 word pieces of text with a few images thrown in for good luck. Different formats keep readers interested and helps to entertain readers who prefer different types of content.

Blog Content:
Minimum 400 words in length with a maximum word count of 800 words. Please send in Word or PDF format. You can indicate in your content where you would like your image to appear however, please send the images separately along with your document.

To help you increase the chances that we will quickly publish your post, look at the content tips below:

  • Your copy is a minimum of 600 words (max. 1,200)
  • Your blog post is formatted for readability
  • Include headers, sub-headers, bullet points, list, images, etc
  • Make sure your content has a clear point that is woven throughout
  • Focus on educating the reader
  • Include videos, images, graphics, and other rich media to illustrate your story (send images separately)
  • If you quote any figures or estimations, include the source location of the date for credibility.
  • Include relevant keywords throughout your post in a natural way and for SEO

All images submitted should be in .JPG or .PNG format. The maximum width of your images when published will be 1200 pixels. Please ensure your images are the same size or larger than 1200 pixels wide when sending. Our graphics team will then fully optimise your images for publishing.

Please note: Smaller images cannot be made larger due to the loss of image quality.

You must be the copyright owner of the content, images and videos used in your post. Photo library images can be supplied; however, it is your responsibility to ensure the image(s) comply with the publishing rights of the owner.

When submitting video content, the length of your video should ideally be between 8 and 20 minutes in length. If your subject matter requires longer than 20 minutes to deliver your message, consider splitting it into a Part 1 and a Part 2. This can be easier for the viewer to watch and create better engagement.

Presentation Guidelines
Each video should cover one main topic.

Audio Quality
Ideally use a quality mic to make sure your audio is clear and crisp.
Preferably record in a quiet place to ensure there is no background noise or static.
Consider using a script for consistency.

Lighting Quality
Most good video cameras today take great pictures in most lighting conditions. However, you may need to add some additional lighting to your camera when shooting in low lighting conditions to ensure optimum.

Visual Requirements
Record in a 16:9 aspect ratio (720p = 1280×720 or 1080p = 1920×1080)
You can use on screen text to narrate your story, use voice to camera or a combination of both. Make any commentary engaging and interesting for the viewer.

Supplying video
You can easily upload your video to your own YouTube account and ensure all the video titles, description, keyword optimisation, and video thumbnails have been set. You can then just supply us the YouTube URL of your video and we will add it to your content.

Alternatively, we can upload your video to our own YouTube platform and undertake all the work required. You will need to send your finished video but don’t worry if the file size is very large. Go to MailBigFile and click 'Send A File Now'. Upload your video and send it to publishing@silverdrome.com.

Don’t forget to add your email address and any comments you wish to add. When ready click Send. When your video has uploaded, we will receive an email to confirm the video is ready to download. You may use any other free service to send large files including WeTransfer, TransferXL and FileMail.com. You can send us your videos, images and content using this type service if you prefer.

Please note: By using Silverdrome’s YouTube platform to host your videos, we reserve the right to display links to our channel sponsors in the video description.

Happy content creating!

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