July 23, 2020

Airport Safety: 6 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

Now more than ever, it's crucial that people understand the importance of implementing health tips when traveling. If you're considering traveling and need to know some ways to protect your and your loved ones' health, then you've clicked on the right article.

Below, you're going to find some advice that will help you stay healthy when traveling. The last thing you want to do is be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Continue reading to find useful airport safety tips to protect yourself and enjoy traveling at the same time. Just because the pandemic started doesn't mean that you've got to put your traveling plans on hold.

1. Practice Social Distancing

When traveling, you can do so while continuing to social distance. When booking your tickets, you can see which seats around you are going to be filled.

Ensure that you choose a seating selection that allows you to sit away from others scheduled to be on your flight. Another helpful way to practice distancing at the airport is to remain as far away from others as possible.

Some airlines have marked spots on the floor, displaying the proper distance that passengers should remain from one another. Practicing social distancing is one way to help you and everyone else travel stay safe and healthy.

2. Wear Your Masks

Because COVID-19 is said to be a virus that can be spread person-to-person and through the air wearing a mask is one way to stay safe at all times. Ensure that your mask isn't too tight, but not loose enough that anything can get in the sides of the mask.

When you're in a place like an airport and on the plane, you should have your mask on. The mask should cover your entire mouth and nose. In some areas, if you refuse to wear a mask, you may not be allowed to board until you've taken the proper safety precautions and put a mask on.

If you don’t have your mask yet, there are a variety of places in the airport or you can purchase a mask before you go.

3. Wash Your Hands Frequently

As you make your way through the airport during travel, there are various machines and devices that you'll need to touch at each point. Ensure that after you've come in contact with something that other people have touched, you wash your hands.

Or at least keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you if you can not get to a bathroom to wash your hands at that very moment. Ensure that you've washed your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds using warm water and a bar of mild soap.

When using hand sanitizer, put it on your hands and then rub it in until your hands have become dry again. If you've not got anywhere to store hand sanitizer, consider purchasing a backpack for your product needs.

Ensuring that the bottle is within the airline's guidelines for all liquids that you're traveling with.

4. Don't Touch Your Face

Have you ever thought about when you're told not to touch your face immediately you begin to feel a tingle or itch that begs to be scratched? In this case, you should avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth when moving through an airport.

This is because you never know when your hands could've been contaminated, and by touching your face, mouth, and eyes, you've now spread the germs from one place to another. Even if you've practiced regular hand washing, you should still do your best to keep your hands away from your face.

Your family members should refrain from touching their faces as well, and if you've got to sneeze or cough, do so in your shirt or the crease of your elbow.

5. Check Airline Restrictions

Before you schedule and purchase your tickets for your upcoming travels, one of the first things that you need to do is check the restrictions that the airlines have implemented. These rules and restrictions are in place to ensure all travelers remain safe during their travels.

If you or anyone you're traveling with needs specialized treatment during the flight, you need to contact the airline in advance, allowing them to make the proper changes. If they aren't able to accommodate your request, you may have to change your travel plans.

As stated above, most airlines require that travelers wear masks at all times in the airport and on the airplane. Some airlines have even gone so far as to place clear plastic dividers between the headrest of each chair to reduce the likelihood of passengers contaminating one another.

You should ensure that you're able to comply with the guidelines and restrictions that have been notated by the airline you're flying with. If there are some restrictions that you don't agree with remember they were all designed to keep you safe and healthy.

6. Be Smart

The last tip on our list of ways to remain healthy while traveling, is to be smart and use common sense. If you or anyone else you're traveling with has felt under the weather, you need to refrain from traveling.

This reduces the likelihood of you passing the illness that you have on to others. And during a time when remaining healthy is crucial, it's not wise to knowingly venture into an area where you're putting others at risk of becoming sick.

Airport Safety Tips: Keeping Us All Healthy

When it comes to airport safety, using the tips that we've listed above is essential. It'll help you, and every other passenger enjoy your trip without the worries of contracting the virus.

If you need a mask or any other product, contact us today. Let us get you the products you need before you travel.

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