April 07, 2020

76 Awesome Content Ideas for Aviation and Travel Bloggers

The fact is people love to be entertained. Whether it’s a funny story, a real time narrative of a trip you’re currently on or an event that you’ve experienced, entertaining and informing your readers always go down well and keep them coming back for more.

When producing content, make sure it inspires your readers and viewers to want to be part of your story and want to engage with you. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your interests and make readers love it as much as you do!

Making people laugh and making people angry are two extremes which garner the most attention, but if you can stir up any kind of emotion or real interest with your content you are more likely to see engagement.

So, you’re looking for some inspiration for content. Here are 76 Awesome Content Ideas for an aviation and travel blog post. Simply change the location and title around to fit your story.

Visiting Malaysia on a budget
50 Things Not to Miss in Toronto
Top 10 Restaurants in London
Top 10 Attractions in Paris
Barcelona vs Prague – Which One Do You Prefer?
48 Hours in Buenos Aires

Flying home during the corona virus pandemic
Backpacking Phuket on the Cheap

20 Top Cities in the World
15 Places You Have to See in Europe
25 Best Locations to Surf
10 Ways to Save Money when Traveling

A Day in Barcelona – A Video Diary
Amazing Safari Weekend in Kenya - A Video Diary
An Exclusive Round the World Trip – My Video Diary

Virgin Atlantic launches new A340-600 Manchester – New York Flight
Edinburgh Airport – Inaugural Flight to Chicago
London Heathrow - Lufthansa Business Senator Lounge Reviewed
A Day Plane Spotting at Newcastle Airport

Qatar Airways launches daily flights from Cardiff to Doha
Flight Review - From LHR to JNB with British Airways in Economy
My 28hr Flight From Hell – London to Beijing via Moscow!
WOW! Cathay Pacific First Class - Hong Kong to Vancouver

A350 – 1000 Goes into service with Cathay Pacific
Qantas consider Scrapping 747 Fleet in 2020
Flying on a SOVIET YAK 40! Still amazing at 40 years old
Glasgow to Barra on a Twin Otter – Amazing Beach Landing

Southampton to New York by Cunard's Queen Mary 2
We took the Ferry from Hell – From Sweden to Finland
Disney Cruise Ship - Castaway Cay (Disney's Private Island) Tour & Review

The Ultimate Guide to Travel in Japan
The Ultimate Guide to Geneva
The Best Way to Sleep in the Airport! The Ultimate Stopover Guide

How to Travel Safely in Tangier
How to Save Money on an around the World Trip
How to See India on a Budget
How to Travel Around South Africa by Bus

A 10 Point Packing Checklist When Going on Skiing
The Ultimate Checklist When Choosing Travel Insurance
The Best Checklist for Traveling Light

Our Recommendations for the Perfect 2 Weeks in Bali
A Madrid City Break – Hour by Hour
1 Week in Singapore – Our Dream Itinerary

15 Ways to Get Cheaper Travel Insurance You Won’t Find Anywhere Online
21 Gems in Stockholm You Won’t Find in a Guidebook
The Best Spots in Cairo That Only the Locals Know About

The Pros and Cons of Visiting South America
The Pros and Cons of Banned Airlines

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pakistan
Surprising Facts About Tbilisi, Georgia
The Best Music Festivals for Travellers

25 Interesting Facts About Berlin
10 Surprising Facts About South America
12 Facts About Japan That You’ll Never Believe

Rome Marriott Grand Hotel Flora – A Review of a Weekend in Rome
The Lowdown on our Stay at The Ritz, London
Circus Circus – The Worst Hotel in Las Vegas by a mile

Can you break down something into a series of multiple posts?
Backpacking Through Canada in 21 Days – Part 1 Day 1-7
Backpacking Through Canada in 21 Days – Part 2 Day 8-14
Backpacking Through Canada in 21 Days – Part 3 Day 15-21

Top 5 Events Not to Miss This in Sevilla
The Best Things to See in Melbourne in May
Every Event You Need to Know About in Paris for 2015
Celebrating World Earth Day in Brussels
Seasons – Best Things to Do in London in Summer

15 Fun Parks that will make you Scream!
10 Scariest Roller Coasters In The World
35 Funny Things You’ll See in Mongolia

15 Tips to Help you Live Out Your Travel Dreams
Traveling The World - How the Coronavirus Changed My Outlook on Life 
How I Get the Cheapest Flights and You Can Do

15 Reasons We Don’t Visit Russia and You Shouldn’t Either
20 Reasons I Won’t Fly with Air China
Why I hate American Airports

Write Your Bucket List - Write a post for each individual item on your bucket list as you do it

9 Spectacular Christmas Gifts for Travelers
Top 8 Travel Souvenirs to Collect White at the Airport
Airport Safety: 6 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic 

Happy Blogging!

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