July 21, 2020

5 Tips to Ensure a Comfortable Travel Experience

Did you know that the average airline seat width is approximately 18 inches? In comparison to a few years ago, the average seat width has been decreased by two or more inches. This is reportedly leading to a reduced level of comfort for flyers.

So when you're undertaking a journey, what can you do to ensure the most comfortable travel experience possible? If your flight is long-haul or domestic, it is essential that you are as relaxed and prepared for the amount of time you are in the air.

When your body is put under unnecessary strain, this is when injuries or complications can occur.

In this article, we will take you through the top 5 tips to having the best travel experience whilst you are in the air! Read on to get the scoop on flying and maximizing your comfort levels!

1. Buy a Comfortable Travel Cushion

The most sensible purchase you can buy for making your journey more comfortable is to invest in a travel cushion. A travel cushion is perfect for alleviating any discomfort you might feel when sitting in an airplane seat that doesn't offer you enough support on either your neck and back.

The problem with some airlines is they try to reduce costs so they can offer cheaper airfare tickets to customers. These cost-saving methods often extend to using airplane seating that doesn't provide headrests or much maneuverability.

Over time, if you are a frequent flyer, this could end up causing you neck and back pain. With a travel cushion, this discomfort is prevented as you can use the cushion to protect your neck and back with the high quality and plump design.

It allows you to sit back and relax, you can even take a nap without fear you will end up with a stiff or sore neck!

2. Monitor What You are Drinking Before Your Flight

If you have an early flight, the temptation is there to grab yourself a coffee to keep yourself awake and alert. However, the caffeine in the coffee can dehydrate your body and make it feel worse when you are traveling on a plane.

If you are traveling to different time zones, the dehydration can cause you to feel the effects of jetlag more acutely. This can then lead to impacting your trip or vacation if you are struggling with jetlag.

Instead of reaching for a black Americano before you get into the air, have a look at some caffeine-free options. Green or jasmine tea is completely caffeine-free and has added health benefits like aiding digestion and improving brain function.

The best cold drink for traveling is water, which will keep you hydrated and fresh for your journey. Fizzy and carbonated drinks can cause acid reflux and increased discomfort in the intestines due to the cabin pressure.

Alcoholic drinks such as wines and beers will also lead to increased dehydration. So if you choose to consume alcohol on your flight, try alternating your drinks with water.

3. Bring Some Earplugs and an Eye Mask

When traveling with other members of the public, expect that there will be a considerable bit of background noise. Small children and babies can be loud and a disturbance if they aren't used to flying.

And this is especially disruptive if they happen to be sitting in the immediate vicinity to you. Bringing some travel earplugs will help to drown out a lot of the noise when flying on a plane. You're able to relax and prevent any unfortunate noise from reaching your eardrums!

You can even couple this with an eye mask to block out any unnecessary light that is coming from the windows and cabin lights. This will provide a fully comfortable and relaxed environment for you to travel, no matter what time of the day it is.

4. Download Entertainment to Your Device

Some flights will offer inflight entertainment that can be great for passing the time and to put you at ease. However, some budget airlines or shorter flights might offer a reduced selection or no entertainment at all.

You are perfectly safe to watch or listen to entertainment on your device when you have activated the flight mode. This is apart from takeoff and landing. The night or morning of, download your favorite movies, tv-series or podcasts on to your device so you can keep yourself entertained during your flight.

Specialist podcasts are incredibly popular these days and cater to every niche topic under the sun. Whether you are into fishing, comedy, or professional wrestling, there will be just the podcast for you to enjoy!

5. Bring Light and Healthy Snacks

Similar to ensuring that you are properly hydrated, watching what you eat on a flight can be important for your comfort levels. Heavy foods that you can find at the airport such as burgers and other fast food will leave you feeling sluggish and drained.

The grease and high salt content can lead to bloating and feelings of discomfort due to your body trying to digest a large amount whilst in the air.

Healthy and light snacks such as nuts, fruit, and seeds can offer the body plenty of nutrients and energy without causing bloating and digestive issues. Other foods that are high in protein like lean meats and fish can also be a good snack to keep you comfortable and full.

Maximize Comfort with These Tips

We hope this article on the top 5 things you can do for comfortable travel was helpful in allowing you to prepare for a flight.

Whether you are traveling across the globe or just to the next state, there are little things you can adjust or do to make your experience a lot easier. Don't compromise on giving yourself a better flying experience, start your holiday earlier!

If you have any further questions or queries about any of our travel products, why not contact us directly? We would love to hear from you!

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