July 25, 2020

5 Surprising Benefits of Using a Luggage Cover While Traveling

Protecting your luggage is important when traveling. One of the best ways to do so is by investing in a luggage cover.

A luggage cover is made of a fabric material and is wrapped over the top of your suitcase. They’re designed with cutouts for the top and size handle, and are used to protect from the elements of an airport.

Nearly 1.8 million bags are mishandled per year. This mishandling might be luggage that’s damaged, lost, stolen, or ransacked. That means for every 1,000 passengers there are at least three mishandling claims.

This is a small sample size overall, but on a more personal scale, mishandled bags affect an individual directly. A vacation could be ruined after dealing with mishandled luggage.

Permanently losing your luggage doesn’t happen often.

Only one percent of the billion passenger bags checked per year don’t make it to their owners at the carousel. However, of that one percent, 95 to 98 percent are reunited with their owners within five days.

If you want to protect and keep track of your suitcase, purchase a luggage cover.

Need more convincing? Here are five surprising benefits of using a luggage cover while traveling.

1. Help Find Your Bag

Ever find yourself waiting and waiting at the airport carousel and still no bag? Locating luggage that perfectly matches another is difficult. You need a way for yours to stand out and to avoid the awkward moment of reaching for a bag that’s not yours.

If your luggage doesn’t have distinguishable features, this creates a problem. Eye-catching designs can help more than you think. Make sure your suitcase stands out from other plain black bags circling the carousel.

A luggage cover also creates a unique and great way to describe your bag in case it’s lost or misplaced. Explaining a pattern to airport security can help your luggage get retrieved much faster.

2. Protection From a Luggage Cover

Baggage may not be handled with care.

A cloth luggage cover will protect from spills, spots, and scratches. Make sure you’re investing in quality materials to protect your items. If you don’t have a luggage cover already purchased, airports offer another option.

An airport supplied bubble wrap concoction is another great way to make sure your luggage doesn’t get damaged. If you’re not protecting your luggage, scratches and small tears will likely accumulate over time. This is normal, but avoidable.

For even more protection, some individuals opt for both the cover and bubble wrap protection.

In a damaged situation, most airports won’t compensate you unless there’s significant damage to your items inside the luggage. Invest in a fabric cover or bubble wrap material to protect your items.

3. Storage Consideration

If you’re storing your luggage for your next trip, dust will accumulate. It’s handy to have a second luggage cover to create a layer between the dust and your suitcase.

This second cover will be instantly placed on your luggage after the removal of a dusty one.

Sometimes it’s hard to store luggage without creating an eyesore. A luggage bag cover is a pleasing design instead while stored out in the open for guests to see.

Keep your luggage clean over time and it will last.

4. Stop Thieves

Another layer of protection for your luggage can protect the contents inside.

Theft is an issue in airports around the world. Having your items stolen doesn’t always come from a stranger passing by. Sometimes TSA or security employees are at fault.

The harder it is to get into luggage the less likely someone is to steal. On average, 14,000 travelers report items missing from their luggage per year.

A luggage cover protects the zippers on your bags by stretching across the bag. The zipper is the easiest way to get into a suitcase. Without a TSA approved locking mechanism, suitcases can be easily stolen from.

Make sure you consider the safety of your items once they leave your site. A luggage cover will protect your bag from theft.

5. Stand Out

You make a fashion statement with your clothes, so why should your luggage be neglected?

Match your outfit of the day to your airline baggage. This is a perfect time to capture a trendy Instagram picture before boarding. Vibrant patterns are a perfect complement to any outfit.

A luggage cover that stands out will have people talking. Some might ask, “Where did you get that?” Opt for a design that’s cute, funny, popular, vivid, it’s your choice!

There are hundreds of different designs that can catch someone’s eye. Don’t let your luggage be the one part of your outfit that doesn’t stand out.

Invest in a matching luggage cover today!

Invest in a Luggage Cover

It’s evident that a luggage cover is beneficial. Before your next trip, invest in one.

Whether it’s to protect, standout, or locate your luggage, a cover is a necessary investment.

In the long run, a luggage cover will save you money. There will be no need to replace damaged suitcases after wear and tear. No reason to buy delicate cleaning products that suitcases require after spills.

If you’re traveling, adding a luggage cover to your arsenal is a great option.

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