July 24, 2020

4 Aviation Travel-Inspired Items

Has visiting a different part of the world ever changed you?

The famous writer John Steinbeck once said: "People don’t take trips, trips take people."

The beauty of traveling is that you never come back the same person. Your perspective of foreign countries or people is altered forever.

Most people want to hold onto their incredible experience when it's all over. One way they do this is through purchasing souvenirs or travel inspired items.

Every time they see a mug, pillow, or mouse pad they're transported back in time.

Below we have compiled four items that can help you while traveling and serve as that daily reminder of how much fun you had.

1. Never Miss a Moment With a Smartphone Lens Kit

Do you enjoy taking pictures while traveling? The problem is there is only so much you can carry. Bringing all of your bulky photography equipment isn't always an option.

The good news is you can buy a lens kit for your smartphone. If you've never seen these before, they're tiny lens that clip directly over the camera on your phone.

It sounds silly but they can help you capture gorgeous photographs on the go.

Smartphone lens kits range from $25 to $500 and they're made for both Apple and Android phones.

For the most part, each kit comes with multiple lenses (macro, wide-angle, and fisheye) as well as a clip for your phone, a tripod, and carrying case.

The cases are compact and light enough to go in backpacks. Attaching the lens takes less than a minute. Most phone lenses are so advanced now they rival most contemporary cameras.

Being equipped with one of these kits means you'll never miss an opportunity for a great photograph that can be hung on your living room wall.

2. Invest in a Reliable Backpack for Your Travels

Experienced travelers understand you need to pack light and be ready to move at any moment. This is why it's important to invest in a reliable backpack.

Choosing the right one for your needs depends on what you plan to do (luxury vacation vs. outdoor adventure) and how much you want to bring.

Packing can be tricky but here are three tips for minimalist traveling

  1. Only pack the necessities (you don't need the nice-to-haves)
  2. Don't pack more than one week of clothing (select versatile options)
  3. Bring the most useful items that can be used multiple times (specialty gear can be rented)

Two other pro tips include packing a day early so you don't feel panicked and leaving space in your bag to bring home any souvenirs.

If you travel often and want to show off some of your favorite destinations, consider picking up a travel inspired backpack. Each custom bag is handcrafted with an ergonomic design.

They come in multiple sizes for children, young adults, and adults so the entire family can stay organized.

And the bag design can be aviation-themed or referencing major airports all over the world.

3. Use a Secure and Convenient Passport Cover

How do you carry your passport? Is it in your back pocket or stuck at the bottom of a full bag?

A passport is your most important document when traveling. If you aren't using a special cover, you're making everything more difficult than it has to be.

From vinyl holders that go around your neck to leather-bound wallets, there are several passport cover options to choose from.

Passport covers can help you keep the document secure while at the same time making it quick and easy to locate if needed. Wallet options have extra pockets to stay organized.

A cover will also protect your passport from being damaged during your travels.

Most passports are now outfitted with radio frequency identification chips (RFID). These contain all of your private information.

You can purchase passport covers with RFID blockers to stop cyber thieves from scanning your information from a distance and stealing your identity.

The most important thing is that your passport is safe as you travel. Stolen passports have a lot of value on the black market.

And a good passport cover may fool thieves or pickpockets.

4. Relive Your Adventures With Travel Inspired Pillows

These days you can order a custom pillow to commemorate anything in your life.

From a picture of your favorite pet or sports team logo to motivational messages or travel memories, there is a pillow out there for you!

Most travel pillows feature maps or graphics of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. Others have campers or animal prints.

If you enjoyed the backpack designs above showcasing famous airports then you'll be excited to learn that these prints are also available on pillows or cushions.

Each item is handmade and double-sided. They look and feel plump. And, most importantly, they are the perfect conversation starter for when friends or family come over to visit. A travel pillow makes a great gift as well.

At the moment there are 30 different airport designs to choose from and more will likely be added in the future.

But, at the end of the day, they'll serve as a daily reminder of all the exciting places you've visited over the years. Or if you love airplanes, how many airports you've taken off from.

Check out our entire travel inspired pillow catalog now.

Don't Stop Traveling the World

Visiting another country or region leaves an indelible mark on the traveler. They get to experience life from a different perspective. And it changes them forever.

As you explore everything the world has to offer, don't forget to pick up some travel inspired items for yourself, friends, or family.

If you haven't been able to travel recently that's okay too. You can purchase many of these items without leaving your home.

Silverdrome is a top UK supplier of travel inspired merchandise for aviation geeks, travel fanatics, or fashion lovers. We love traveling just as much as you.

Start browsing our product lines featuring three letter airport codes. We guarantee you'll find the perfect memento.


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